Grow Your own food With money being in shorter supply and the price of food rising, there has never been a better time to start growing vegetables in your garden.  This is a great way to cut the cost of shopping bills and also enjoy fantastic fresh produce which you have grown from nothing more than a seed. Another great reason to grow your own fruit and vegetables is that you have the choice of how you are going to grow them, allowing you the option to grow organically without pesticides and chemicals.

There is a selection of vegetables which can be easily grown in your porch or back garden to provide you with fresh produce at a fraction of the retail cost. Tomatoes are an easy plant to grow; they can be grown in an area with limited space such as your back porch. They don’t need to be grown in the ground and can be potted which makes it easy for you to look after them during spells of bad weather, much like what we have been experiencing this summer.  Tomato plants need to be watered every day to ensure they grow to an acceptable size and yield a harvest of juicy, ripe fruit.

Another plant which can be grown indoors in a pot is the chilli pepper plant. A popular vegetable used to add a little spice to your cooking. Chillies come in a variety of types which range in size and heat and are all relatively easy to grow. They can be grown in a similar way to tomatoes in the porch or outside if the weather permits. Popular varieties of chillies include Jalapeños, Anaheim and the fiery Scotch Bonnet which can all be used to add some heat and flavour to your cooking.  One thing to take note of is that certain varieties of chilli often find it hard to germinate. By soaking your chilli seeds in warm water overnight before planting them you can give them a head start to ensure you have a bumper crop of spicy treats.

There are many other types of vegetables you could grow in an environment with limited space and these are just a few examples.  Go to your local garden centre and ask the staff there which plants will work best for your growing environment. Growing your own food become a common practice in recent years as a way to save money and to be more self sufficient. Don’t miss out on the home grown revolution!

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