Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 smart phone had drawn a great deal of attention running up to its recent launch with nearly 10 million pre-orders being placed for the revolutionary handset. With its positively huge 4.8 inch HD screen, the Galaxy gives crisp, clean visuals which are more than a match for the market leading iPhone 4S.

Another area which the S3 shows its worth is in the removable battery cover. Many new phones don’t have this option which can help for people on the go who can’t readily use a charger. Next to the sim card is space for a MicroSD card so you can increase the standard 64GB hard drive to a whopping 128GB. This is more than most net books let alone other smart phones.

The Samsung Galaxy S3’s design was said to be inspired by nature with the brushed polycarbonate battery cover styled to look like a pebble which could well be found at a beach. The curves and lines also point towards this natural design philosophy giving the phone a great feel in your hands.

No doubt the S3 will be compared to the iPhone 4S in every conceivable way but the Samsung can definitely hold its own against the smart phone giant. Running the latest Android operating system, this phone will be familiar to anyone who currently uses any other Samsung, HTC or android device but some people will prefer the elegant simplicity of the iOS operating system although this is just personal preference.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a fantastic new smart phone that truly deserved the hype.  With its clean looks, nice ergonomics and fantastic HD visuals; The Galaxy S3 is a great choice for anyone in the market for a new smart phone which runs Android.

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