The iPhone 5 is rumoured for release at the end of the year and apple fanatics are getting ready for what they believe to be the most significant release in Apple’s illustrious iphone 5 release teaserhistory. Apple are generally very tight lipped about what their new products will contain which causes every tech head on the internet to speculate on what innovative technologies the new iPhone 5 will have. Whilst everyone is waiting for the keynote speech from Apple, we here at Consett Magazine are looking at what could be included on the new iPhone 5.

One of the major talking points surrounding the iPhone 5 is the speculated screen size. The current iPhone 4s has 3.5 inch display which in recent times has been considered small in comparison to some of the competitors now on the market. The iPhone 5 is rumoured to use a 4 inch display in comparison to its predecessor. This will allow for better resolution of gaming and watching movies whilst also giving you and extra row of apps on your home screen. With the retina display everything will look crisp and sharp whilst the dimensions will allow for real widescreen resolutions.

Another interesting proposition is the addition of near field communications (NFC) to the iPhone 5. With rivals such as Blackberry featuring this technology with their recent models it is only sensible to assume that Apple will make sure they don’t slip further behind in the tech race. NFC technology can be used for advancements such as contactless payment and applications such as an Oyster Card app. It’s an interesting development in technology which the iPhone 5 could do with to increase their lead in the mobile market.

Along with all of these major tweaks, Apple is trying to make sure they don’t fall behind their Korean rivals Samsung. A new style of battery is being used in the iPhone 5 to increase the battery life significantly from the 4s. This is an important update as many people who currently own an iPhone will complain that the battery life is shocking. Carrying a charger with you where ever you go is commonplace for Apple users. Hopefully this new battery in the iPhone 5 will solve these problems which have been plaguing iPhone users since its introduction.

With a 128GB version of the iPhone 5 being released price is a big worry for many people who are looking to upgrade to the latest and greatest iPhone. Many people who though that £499 for a 16GB iPhone 4s was expensive will be blown away by the new speculated prices. It is rumoured to cost around £800 for a 126GB version of the iPhone 5. It is clear to see how Apple have such a big market share in the mobile phone market.

With the Apple fanatics foaming at the mouth waiting for their newest offering, all we can do as we wait to see what the guys in California bring us this time.



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