Meteor Over Consett
Meteor Seen Over Consett 21-9-2012 (There are reports the above image might not be the meteor seen tonight, however, it looked just like this so we can’t be sure.)

Having just witnessed a fireball in the sky over Consett tonight (around 11PM GMT), I headed straight to twitter to see if anyone else had witnessed this glorious event. The fireball glowed white, green, and orange as it traveled steadily across the North East sky above.

There have been many images circulating twitter, this is one of the best photographs of the fiery object. Here in Consett, Co.Durham in the North East of England the sky was very dark and it seemed to light up the entire sky.

The object is said to be a meteor or satellite breaking up  as it entered the Earths atmosphere.

The object has been seen throughout the UK. There are reports of the object being seen in Glasgow, Newcastle, and as far afield as Wrexham.

Have you got any other pictures or videos of tonight’s meteor? Join in the discussion below.

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    • We saw it around 11 pm on 21st Sept in Killaloe- Ballina Co. Tipperary Ireland. Long lasting and was appearing to break up. Over the lake you could hear it booming/cracking. Very exciting especially because we were out in Garden at a wedding event.
      Connor Cronin

    • Seen in Hawick, Scottish Borders just before 11pm. Was watching James Bond and caught my eye out of the window. Flying east to west at a low angle, bright white meteor breaking up, lasted for about 8seconds, quite amazing!

    • I saw it at about 10.55 over newburn bridge newcastle. There was a big white one at the front with little white ones trailing all had orange glows behind them so low and clear it was unreal.

  1. I saw this from Pembroke Dock, at just before 11pm, along with a bunch of night fisherman! 😀 Amazing. It tracked from east to west, a full 180 degrees field of view. I saw it from a bright green light, through to multiple orange trails of lights – it appeared to break up. It seemed to be tracking almost horizontal to the horizon, so it must have been coming in at a very shallow angle. It was visible for so long!

  2. hiya i witnessed this at 10:45pm tonight because i live in some tower blocks and noticed a massive white light travelling at slow speed and low level so i run to our balcony and me and my partner watched it break up over grimsby and disappear towards the ground near immingham i live on the 11th floor so had a great veiw watching it, their must be loads of witnesses

  3. Hi, I saw it as well the meteor. I live in linconl ln69rt. I was outside my house I I thought it was a plane. But it was massive!!! Never seen something like that before.

  4. saw this too at 23:00. was walking my dog and saw a massive aqua glowing ball travelling quite slowly, as it had just gone overhead it broke up into about 6 pieces, each leaving a trail behind them. looked amazing

  5. Spotted over runcorn, as clear as day, smaller parts of the fireball were falling off, as the big fireball itself continued to fire through the sky, crazyy!!

  6. Yup – saw it from Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Tracked slowly East to West, very slowly, glowing green, then orange sparking trails behind, for about 20-30 seconds.

  7. I saw this at approximately 11:40 21/09/12. I watched it coming from east direction and followed it’s trajectory all the way west until it burned out, it must have been visible for at least 19 seconds long moving slightly faster than a low flying aeroplane at approach speed. There are low flying aircraft where I live on the approach for Manchester and I thought it was a plane at first but when I noticed the tail and orange fragments falling off I realised what it was. My location is Middlewich in Cheshire UK. Best one I have ever seen and will probably be my last, will take some beating.

  8. Saw it in New Forest Village, Leeds… first thought Firework, but lasted too long, when I approached my window it started splitting into three then (going towards West) into more like 20 pieces…ACE!

  9. Watched it from my bedroom in wolverhampton it was amazingly bright. I thought meteor or satalite burning up in the atmosphere. A few friends thought it might be a missile.

  10. seen this over hamilton south lanarkshire, as it had just gone overhead it broke up into pieces, leaving a trail behind them. it was amazing.

  11. Hey, my dad saw this. He was observing the sky (as he does every night) when suddenly at 11.55(ish) he ran into the house yelling he thinks theres been a plane crash. He says he heared nothing but a flutter however it flashed in the most brightest colours!! My mum and dad immediately got in the car and went to see if a plane had crashed. nothing more was to be seen . So they phoned the poilce not knowing if a crash had taken place. He described it as a haystack of fire,flying through the air at first. It has seemed to be closer to lincoln(here) and my dad swears it was only 50 foot away.

    • Actually its all about perspective. Meteorites appear quite close but the bright light you see is generally only produced by meteorites that are above 5 miles. Below this height they slow down to less than 200 mph and cease burning or giving off light anyway. But what a sight it was indeed.

      • yes, it must of been amazing. My dad doesnt believe it was a meteorite and he wont do untill its proven. He has seen so many meteors and space junk but nothing like this. He said there was spoke trailing into the farm yard barn light and it was bigger then a double decker, incredible !!!

  12. WHF? War of the Worlds? Then I thought, no… gotta be a plane man, then. OMG, surely not a bomb on a plane… thn freaked and hit the net… calmed down, phoned a mate… now am ok, seems it was a meteor… aye right, We will never know the truth. Still, how exciting was that? SuperAmazeBalls. 🙂

  13. I was walking the dogs with the hubby when it passed over Heywood, Lancashire around 11pm. What started as 3 fireballs then broke up into many. What an amazing sight, doubt I’ll ever see anything like it again in my lifetime.

  14. Me and a few friends came out of a pub and saw it really low over St Helens Merseyside. Bright green, we watched it break up and fragments of it landed in another friends garden!!

  15. i was stood at my back door lastnight with my fiance looking at the sky when i saw a huge green/yellow light coming inland (im in bridlington) at first i thought helicopter or plane but then realised the colour, speed and no sound, then i noticed the orange tail as it came close to overhead, it then broke into 2 with loads of sparkly bits like a firework and seemed to burn out, it lasted about 20 seconds all in all, it was beautiful and one of the most amazing things ive ever seen, i ran upstairs to tell my 13 year old son who was totally unimpressed which really miffed me lol

  16. I saw this in Alabama, U.S.A. : We were waiting for the rest of the team to come down off this hill for a cave exploration. It was pitch dark in the woods, so I started to star gaze. I just happened to be looking at the spot directly overhead when it hit.
    It had,nt lit up yet but I could see it rippling through the upper atmosphere. If you held the two peace sign fingers out in front of you, thats how wide the track would be. I was following it when it lit up. It happend in three stages: one like someone turned a flashlight on, to full yellowish flair up making a long tail. Then all of a sudden it increased in magnitude like ten times. The main ball was like a quater the size of the moon, with an arodynamic fire tip in front. This thing was way too big to be a piece of space junk. Think how wide of a track it was making but it was at the very edge of our atmosphere.


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