“Checky Watch” –  Social Media Used to Dodge Fares!

In the last 24 hours a Facebook page advising people on how to avoid Metro fares has gone viral.

The page “Checky Watch” helps people avoid Metro fares by posting the locations of ticket inspectors, or ‘Checkys’ as they are locally known, along it’s routes.

Checky Watch - Metro Train Fare AvoidanceWith over 6000 users currently in the community on Facebook, the group now has a Twitter page and a .com internet address.

The North East of England’s light rail system ran by Nexus, or “The Metro” as its locally known, links up Newcastle Upon Tyne, South Tyneside, Gateshead, North Tyneside and Sunderland.

‘Hopping The Metro’, as it’s commonly known, is by no means a new practice in the North East. Fines are given out every day at the fee of £20 to those who choose not to pay for a ticket and board the trains illegally. This is where “Checky Watch” comes in, as the creator explains.

The following video contains strong language.

This video appeared on the Facebook page, opening with the creator of the page holding a smoky sausage up to his forehead, saying, “Right. Who am I? A Metro Checky!”. He then goes on to describe the main focus of his idea, and why he made the page. He claims his overall aim is to  reduce the price of Metro fares, by advising as many people as possible on how to avoid ticket inspectors when they haven’t purchased a ticket.

However, he does hold to the statement that he is not suggesting people dodge fares, merely advising them how to if they wish. He informs his viewers he is planning an event which involves everyone who likes the Facebook page, getting on the Metro wearing high-visibility jackets, and following the ‘Checkys’ around. He also claims in his video that he has refused interviews with Sky and The Chronicle newspaper.

What comes next for “Checky Watch”? How are Nexus going to combat this movement? Do all of the fans really believe in Checky Watch’s ideals, or do they just find it entertaining reading the responses?

I recommend that everyone keep an eye on these internet activists to see how this situation develops.

This is a reader submitted story for our North East News section.
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CheckyWatch

Twitter: @CheckyWatchNE”

Website: www.checkywatch.com

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  1. Had some disgruntled comments on the site, I think a lot of you got the wrong end of the stick, so let me take a second to address some issues.
    Owen Yeung: Politcal is the wrong word, it was a working title which slipped through the net I’m afraid.
    Joel Tomas, Michael Powel: It is in the ‘North East News’ Section, just as The Sun may report a story in Iraq in their ‘International Section’.
    To everyone else who generally didn’t approve: I wished to, and believe I have, reported the story without criticism.
    I didn’t approve or disapprove.
    To the creator: There is nothing wrong with putting a smoky sausage on your head, keep at it mate!

    • Thank you for your comment, we are just trying to lower ticket prices and unfortunatly ripping nexus off is the only way to get there attention.. p.s I love sticking sausages on my head.

      The edible ones not the other ones..

  2. Try doing a vid on a Durham Ceo. The one who walks the City like Clint Eastwood with a Ladbrooks pen griped in his teeth is well he just is s**t.

  3. well done. i honestly think this lad has a very valid point to make. the metro system has increased its fares beyond any reasonable amount, and its good to see someone voicing their disapproval and using the media to his advantage. i just hope he can carry on with his cause and get some results. BRING ON THE FLASH MOBS.


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