Hello and welcome to the November issue of Consett Magazine. It’s November and winter has well and truly has its grasp on Consett as temperatures start to plummet and people are wrapping up to beat the cold. This glorious time of year sees many of us getting ready for December and the potentially snowy times ahead as everything gets darker and colder. Despite this, one of the nations much loved outdoor celebration will keep us out in force. Guy Fawkes Night is fast approaching and no doubt hundreds of people will be out and about in the area having some fun with all manners of fantastic fireworks.Issue 4 editorial

During this time of celebration, we should remember what went on all those years ago in 1605 when Guy Fawkes plotted to blow up Parliament in London with a shady gunpowder plot to assassinate King James the First. When you are out enjoying some seasonal fun, take some time to remember the significance of what went on all those years ago.

This year, another significant thing is happening in November. The Police and Crime Commissioner elections are taking place this month on the 15th of November and we here at Consett Magazine have highlighted what is going on and how you can help make a change to the way your local community is policed. Along with this we have some exciting features in this month’s magazine.

We take a look at the awe inspiring phenomenon of the Aurora Borealis which can often be seen from our town on a clear winter night, a variety of local musicians currently on the scene, a look at a female football heroine from the area who is making waves in the USA and also a look at a new fitness centre opening up right here in Consett.

We here at Consett Magazine hope you stay safe this Bonfire night but have some firework fun in the process.

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