The Festive Period is a great time to throw a party with Christmas and New Year being the perfect opportunity for getting together with your family and friends for some good food, good drink and big laughs. Planning a party can be somewhat daunting for people who are giving it their first go but there are some small things which you can do to make sure your soirée goes down a treat.  A lot of the time it is all about keeping it simple and not going overboard leaving you with more work getting everything sorted and arranged.

Recipes for Christmas

Good food is always a must at a dinner party or something a bit less formal. If you are not one for donning an apron and getting stuck in then it may be best to avoid a dinner party and instead serve a selection of canapés. Small treats such as bruschetta, prawns with dipping sauces and and other bite size snacks are great for a party as it gives everyone a good selection of food. Another great food idea is to get a fondue set and let everyone tuck in with a selection of vegetables and bread. Although this 70s classic may seem somewhat old fashioned, it is a great way to have some fun whilst you’re eating.

Everyone likes a drink over Christmas and New Year but some people may have to drive. Don’t forget about the drivers at your party and make them something special so they don’t miss out on the fun. Non-alcoholic cocktails are a great way to give the drivers at your party something to drink. Why not try a variation of a cosmopolitan using cranberry juice, some lime and to mix things up a twist of lemon to keep things fresh.

Whatever you do at your festive party, make sure to keep your guests safe and drink responsibly.

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