Wii U – Nintendo’s New Console  – (Around £300)

Introducing the Wii U. Nintendo have a long history of being an innovative company, from the early days of cartridges to the more recent use of disks. Last month Nintendo released the long awaited (for some) Wii U. Using the latest hardware and user interface software Nintendo hope to achieve a what the Wii failed to do; bring back the mainstream gamers who migrated to the likes of Xbox360 and the PS3.

Wii U Logo

The Wii U GamePad, which is the controller for the Wii U console, boasts a 854×480 touch screen, an accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, dual analogue sticks, a built-in sensor strip, a built-in microphone to bring it up to the current communication demands of the tech-savvy consumer. The console will be released alongside a long list of familiar games to keep you entertained over the long winter nights.


Tech Specs


Approximately 1.8 inches high, 10.6 inches deep and 6.75 inches long.


Approximately 3.5 pounds (1.6 kg).


The new console features a compact design that will make it a natural addition to any home entertainment setup.


IBM PowerⓇ-based multi-core microprocessor.


AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU.


The Premium Pack console has 32GB of internal flash memory, and the Basic Pack console has 8GB. In addition to the internal flash memory, external USB storage can be used to increase maximum storage capacity.

SD Card support

SD Memory Cards up to 2GB and SDHC Cards up to 32GB are supported.

Supported Media

Wii U and Wii optical discs.


Wii U can access the Internet via wireless (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) connection. The console features four USB 2.0 connectors – two in the front and two in the rear – that support Wii LAN Adapters (sold separately).

Wii Compatibility

Nearly all Wii software and accessories can be used with Wii U.

Please note: Nintendo GameCube software and accessories are not supported.

Audio Output

Uses six-channel PCM linear output via HDMI port, or analogue output via the AV Multi Out connector.

Video Output

Supports 1080p, 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. Compatible cables include HDMI, Wii Component Video, Wii RGB and Wii AV.

 Wii U Console in Black


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