People across the UK are lobbying to introduce stricter sentencing for people charged with animal abuse crimes. Animal abuse is a serious breach of the law but in Alfie's Lawcomparison to other abusive crimes it entails much more lenient sentencing. At the current moment in time the maximum penalty for animal cruelty is a possible £20,000 fine and the possibility of 6 months in prison but many people believe this isn’t enough to be a real deterrent.  The Alfie’s Law group are looking to make a change to the British judicial system to make punishments for animal abuse crimes fairer and more appropriate.

The Alfie’s Law group are currently petitioning to get their case into Parliament to help bring justice to the people who have maimed, injured and killed animals and then received a disproportionate sentence for their crime. To help raise awareness the group are holding dog walks to support the cause. On the weekend of the 19th of January the group will be walking through Leeds, Hampshire, Surrey and also Durham City to spread the message and get people to sign their online petition for a review of the current laws.

The current laws are seen as unfair and unjust by a number of people with around 25,000 signatures currently listed on their petition. This is but a fraction of their needed total to get their message heard in London by people who can make a difference. The group need 100,000 signatures to get to Parliament and need all the help they can from like minded people who support their cause.

If you’d like to know more about the Alfie’s Law campaign the go over to their website at:

or alternatively  visit their Facebook/Twitter at:

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