Men’s Personal Care Product Company Axe (Lynx to UK Customers) have been working with Astronaut Buzz Aldrin to send twenty two people into space.

The Lynx Space Mission or AXE Apollo Space Academy is a competition to take twenty two people aboard a private spaceship and fly to the edge of space.

Lynx SpacLynx Space Missione MissionThe lucky space traveller will be launched into space on the suborbital Lynx Space Plane which was built by U.S. Company XCOR Aerospace and operated by the tourism firm S.E.C. Space Expedition Curacao.

“Space travel for everyone is the next frontier in the human experience”, Said Buzz Aldrin

The competition is open to people (both men and women) from over 60 countries who sign us through the AXE Apollo Space Academy and write about why they should be chosen to go to space.

Winning space travelers will travel to the edge of space in the re-usable space craft individually with one other person, the pilot.

The craft will enter space and land horizontally like a regular aircraft.

Could this be one of the most ingenious marketing campaigns ever dreamt up, or could it be the start of commercial space travel?

In coming years we are bound to see more regular people taking to the skies in search of space.

If you cant wait and would like to go to space without entering the Lynx Space Mission competition, you can go to space for $95,000. Bargain!



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  1. I want to go to space becouse this is probly the only change to,am just a big space fan and would like to experience a bit of it (rip Neil Armstrong)


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