Sony Computer Entertainment  have been fined by the British Information Commissioner surrounding the PSN hack of 2011 where the personal details of all PSN users was leakedPSN Hack of 2011 across the internet. This cyber attack lead to users being unable to use the Playstation Network for an extended period of time leaving many online gamers enraged at being unable to use multiplayer and DLC functions. The leak was considered to be one of the most serious infringements of the Data Protection Act since ratified into law.

The PSN hack lead to the bank and personal details of all 60,000,000 users of the service at the time being available to hackers worldwide which may have lead to cases of serious credit card fraud. Sony previously apologised for the scandal and gave its PSN users a free month of their premium service  Playstation+ and a selection of free games available for download through the Playstation Store. These games included premium titles such as Wipeout HD, Infamous and Ratchet and Clank all available for free. Since many users didn’t experience any negative consequences bar the downtime in the service, the debacle was quickly forgotten by the public.

Whilst the public soon forgot about the PSN hack, the British government didn’t and Sony have now been fined by the ICO. The figure is the maximum the ICO are allowed to give out to a private company which is up to the sum of £250,000. This figure may seem like a great amount to you and me but to a company with the operating profits of Sony £250,000 doesn’t even scratch the surface. Does this blatant transgression of data protection legislation deserve a bigger fine or do you think it is unjust. Sony were hacked by malicious individuals who have gotten off with the serious cyber crime yet they have to front the bill.

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