Crowd Sourcing is a relatively new idea which is quickly gaining momentum via the internet.

Crowd SourcingWebsites like,, and are all leading the world in crowd sourcing for businesses and start ups.

So, what is Crowd Sourcing?

Crowd Sourcing is the new way for ideas to be supported by many people online. The first step is for someone to have a creative or business idea which is in need of help from a crowd of people. The idea is then presented online to people/investors who would like to help fund a project with minimum investment.

Crowdsourcing does not always involve financial commitments, it could be help with coding a website, or with marketing a product. Crowdsourcing as a way of sourcing a crowd to make something happen through many people contributing a fraction of their time, money or resources to a singular cause.

Sourcing a Crowd Online – Many Hands Make Light Work

Some websites which are making use of this great idea include the following:

Like many wonderful things that has spawned via the internet is becoming a place of colaboration like nothing ever before!

People all across the world can help to fund projects they want to see come to fruition by contributing in the start up process of an idea.


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