Could this be BlackBerry’s moment of truth?

Canadian technology company Research In Motion or RIM, burst onto the mobile scene in 2003. This was long before iPhone or Android device had a strangle hold on the ever mobile technology industry.

In just a decade BlackBerry’s rise can be well documented with their unique qwerty keyboard on a mobile device making it easy businesses to communicate on the move. Things have changes and now BlackBerry may have a job on its hands getting itself back to the top of the mobile industry. Despite this, BlackBerry is a popular brand which many people use, especially in business.

Blackberry 10 - RIM have the job of getting the blackberry back on trackToday, BlackBerry 10 launches with all hopes from RIM pinned on the new BlackBerry becoming the all important mobile device for both corporate and personal users.

BlackBerry once dominated the smart phone market, but now back with a brand new mobile operating system the hype is around us. Could the new blackberry bring back the “crackberry” addiction which took hold of its users in the early 00’s? It could be said that the blackberry was the first of all smart type phones with its unique ability to send and receive free mail between it users and simple use for even the most techno-phobic users.

In the mobile world which is completely dominated by Android and iPhone, how can RIM compete with its brand new BlackBerry 10 in 2013?

“This is an entirely new operating system,” said BlackBerry 10 spokesman Nick Manning. “We think it’s the first entirely new mobile operating system in about five years.”

Multitasking and the ability to access applications seamlessly without returning to the home screen are some of the features being recognised as new and exciting in BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Balance

A nice feature I felt was very important is “BlackBerry Balance” which allows it’s users to separate professional type communications from your own personal music and photographs for instance. One use of this would be for corporate users to separate their work from their private data.

Such an option means that if a user changes job, the their former company can delete or disable the BlackBerry corporate side without affecting personal data.

Signalling for big changes Research In Motion (RIM) will no longer be known under RIM but by only BlackBerry. To the average technology user they only know RIM as BlackBerry so this obviously makes sense.

We look forward to hearing your comments on BlackBerry 10 and invite you to tell us your thoughts on BlackBerry and how you think the next decade will fare for this once mobile dominant company. 



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  1. Looks like RIM are stepping up their game. I definitely look forward to trying out the split business/social functions with some of my key staff when this phone launches.

    Thanks for the insightful article!


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