After a glorious 2012 filled with sporting success for the nation, why not use 2013 as a chance to get up and get active as the weather starts to get better.obesity scales

Figures of adult obesity have skyrocketed in recent years with 22% of adults across the UK being considered obese. Obesity is a serious problem which can have many negative effects on your health. Heart disease, diabetes and even cancer can all be attributed to being heavily overweight. As Newcastle is now the 2nd fattest city in the nation behind Birmingham, we need to take a step back and analyse how we can lose some weight and get healthy in the process.

As the government are pushing legislation to increase the tax on sugar laden fizzy drinks and fatty convenience food we should start to think a bit more about what we are eating. Our obesity as a nation is costing the NHS approximately £5.1 billion a year to deal with problems directly linked with weight issues. This is no small sum of money and during these times of austerity this cost needs to be dealt with. Eating healthy is a great start to getting rid of obesity. Reducing the amount of junk we eat is one of the easiest ways to get healthy. Try cooking home cooked meals more regularly than takeaway food as these tasty treats really do add up.

Along with looking at your diet, why not get involved in local sport. Consett is full of greats sporting opportunities for anyone who is out to get in shape. Consett has a thriving Sunday League football community with 29 teams from across the area playing over three divisions. Consett also has a thriving rugby scene. If you prefer getting muddy in the scrum this could be the perfect way to get fit. Along with sports teams there are numerous gyms and indoor sports facilities available for anyone to use.

With so much sport all around us in Consett, why not get involved and shift a few pounds this Spring.

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