In these times of economic downturn finding work is becoming harder than ever. More and more people are applying for jobs without getting any answer on their unemployedapplications. This is due to the high number of applicants who are all scrambling to try and get that single elusive job which is available. As a huge number of the UK’s population are currently unemployed relying on jobseekers allowance to pay the bills it appears than more work is needed to get people into work. Research has been performed looking into the number of unemployed people applying for a single job vacancy across the UK and the results were staggering.

In 2010 there were 17 people on average applying for each job vacancy that was available across the UK. This meant that the law of averages suggests that on a level playing field you are likely to get accepted for 1 out of each 17 applications submitted. Obviously this isn’t that case as job specific skills, experience and qualifications all play an important factor. In 2011 this number once again increased by 1 to 18 people per job vacancy. Whilst figures for 2012 have not yet been announced it will be interesting to see how these figures have changed once again with David Cameron’s claims that the number of unemployed in the UK is on the decrease.

What can be done to address this shortage of jobs around the UK? A large number of people finding it hard to get into work are recent university graduates who are unable to get a number of jobs due to older, more experienced workers being preferred to the young and naive. On the other hand many employers find the graduates are “over-qualified” for many positions that are currently available.  With the current slump in UK manufacturing wouldn’t expanding these sectors be advantageous to our economy and providing jobs for those currently struggling?



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