The North East of England has become the centre of electric car production in the UK. Nissan has always been at the head of the car industry in the North East and have madeelectric cars Nissan Leaf another big step forward. The Japanese motoring giants have now started production of the all electric Nissan Leaf at the Sunderland plant as a means of bringing the electric car into the mainstream in the North East. Whilst still somewhat unpopular on the roads, electric cars have a number of benefits when it comes to running costs and the impact on the environment.

The Nissan Leaf is somewhat of a revolution for the all electric car. Many of the original electric alternatives such as the French G-Wiz were not well received in the UK due to their lack of refinement and low range. The Leaf is more like a traditional car with the modern luxuries we are used to in this day and age with a plush interior and a longer battery life giving the car a greater usability. With a tested 75 mile range, the Leaf is a genuine alternative to many fossil fueled cars when it comes to shorter journeys around town.

Electric car infrastructure in the UK is increasing by the day across the North East with charging points available to drivers right here in Consett. With a number of different eco-friendly car technologies currently available on the market making the right decision can be tricky. Hybrids and electric cars both offer significant benefits when it comes to being green but a fully electric car is a great way to save costs on road tax and at the pumps.

As time goes on I believe we can expect to see more and more electric cars on the roads of Consett due to the developments in making the electric driving experience as close as possible to what we already know and love.


Do you drive an electric car? Why not let us know what you think about this exciting technology by commenting below.


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Chris Brown
Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


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