Charities, whether large or small, local or national, have very limited places in which to exhibit their work publically. However, supermarkets are now becoming more involved in supporting such charities and the Stanley branch of ASDA is fast becoming a leading supporter and location where charities can get pubic exposure.

Even though ASDA has been supporting charities for some time, many consumers are unaware of how supportive they have been and how important every little green token given away at the checkouts can be.

ASDA are probably best known for supporting the breast cancer charity, “Tickled Pink”. However, in recent weeks they have given tremendous support to charities via the token collection and across the weekend of 10th and 11th October played host in store to the Consett and District Branch of the Royal British Legion and the Northumbria Blood Bikes. Both were not only the current token donation charities, but this also allowed for a physical presence for fundraising.

Firstly, on the Saturday, the Consett and District Royal British Legion appeared in the store with a display of fundraising merchandise that is tied to both the work they do and the armed forces personnel whom they support.

The Royal British Legion was set founded in 1921 and is now the UK’s leading Armed Forces Charity who not only support those who had fought in the two recognised world wars, but in every conflict involving the British forces since 1945.Including those who are still fighting for the freedoms that every one of us enjoys today.

The Legion is also the national Custodian of Remembrance and safeguards the Military Covenant between the nation and its Armed Forces and is best known for the annual Poppy Appeal and its emblem the red poppy.

The last 18 months have been particularly important for the Consett and District branch as they very nearly closed but, following a major remodernisation plan, they survived and recently succeeded in welcoming their very first two Honorary Youth Members into the Consett branch. And membership is open to everyone with an interest in what the Royal British Legion does in insuring that remembrance is kept alive and that the sacrifices that our brave men and women in the forces are not forgotten.

Another successful day was had on the Sunday when representatives from the Northumbrian Blood Bikers team paid a visit, in the same vein, to the store to fundraise for one of the most important medical services that we have in this region.

From Berwick Upon Tweed, down to Darlington and sometimes across borders to Carlisle and Cumbria, depending in the need, the Blood Bikers provide on out-of-hours motorcycle based service that’s completely free and in place to transfer blood products, test results and blood samples that would otherwise be done by courier, to hospitals at the Trust or hospital’s expense.

The service, which covers 365 days a year and which is manned by volunteers at no cost to the NHS, relies on donations and support to be able to carry on with this extremely important service and is always on the lookout for volunteers which are fully trained by the unit.

All drivers are trained up to a standard far higher than the legal requirement and they all hold an advanced driving qualification to ensure a professional standard of driving at every time.

As with all organisations like the Royal British Legion and the Northumbria Blood Bikes, they are always on the lookout for volunteers to help in their efforts. So, anyone wishing to learn more can do so by going to or for the Consett and District branch of the Royal British Legion, simply log onto their Facebook page or call 07754827784


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