Since the advent and popularisation of the modern smart phone, the way we use the internet has changed dramatically. No longer must you be in front of your home computermobile internet responsive websites or at a laptop to access the internet.  The mobile data revolution has given us the ability to surf the web wherever we may be without the restrictions which were once in place. Early WAP mobile web technology was simplistic and didn’t function in the same way as regular broadband internet. Mobile sites were specifically designed for use on small low resolution screens and many normal websites were unavailable to view.

Now 3G and 4G wireless internet networks are available to most phone users across the UK it has created an online market where websites need to be viewable on a number of different devices not just PCs and laptops. Now that tablet computing is taking off in a big way websites need to be easily viewable on all three of the common mediums currently used. This can be a problem as many websites are not optimised for use on these new devices. This means it can often be hard to view a webpage in its entirety leaving you to scroll across the site to get the info you need to know. One of the best ways to get around this is to have fully responsive websites.

Responsive websites are an intelligent web solution to resolve the problem of multiple screen resolutions. It allows your website to automatically detect the correct screen resolution of the device which is being used. This also works for different sized computer monitors creating the best experience for any visitor. Firefly New Media specialise in making fully responsive websites which work perfectly on PC, Tablet or Phone. This gives every user the best website experience every time without fail.

If you would like a responsive website for your business then why not get in touch with Firefly New Media and see what they can do for you.

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  1. Hi,

    I chanced upon this article that you have, I am Neil and I work for
    Just to let everyone of your reader know that there is also another way of redirecting your viewer to a mobile site that you have and automatically adjust the screen size and buttons to whatever type of mobile device they are using.
    That is if your website is not responsive and you have to create a separate mobile site.

    It is called handsetdetection and it is quite easy to install as a plug in to any back end of your site.

    Hope this helps,
    Neil Summers


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