Adam Bomb, Fallen Mafia & DJ Angel at Stephs The Club That Rocks 6/6/2013
Seattle comes to Consett
Adam Bomb, American guitarist/vocalist who has worked in the past with artists such as Chuck Berry, Johnny Thunders and Billy Idol guitarist Steve Stevens arrived in Consett to play at Steph’s The Club That Rocks as part of his European tour.
Support for the night came from Fallen Mafia, a Derwentside band just returned from a successful European tour and DJ Angel from London, making his first ever appearance in the town of his birth.
Fallen Mafia

Started the night out in blistering form, playing their own material, they mesmerised the audience with their own blend of glam metal.

Fallen Mafia Adam Bomb Show
Fallen Mafia on the stage at Steph’s

They played the audience like a forth instrument, showing that they owned the stage and were not just any other support band, blasting out numbers that immediately grabbed your attention and held you in their grasp, owning the stage like performers with many years experience.

Their sound was powerful, gritty and original, belting out song after song that showed they were not there to make the numbers up. They finished their set off with a well deserved encore, the only cover of their set, Twisted Sister’s ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ which finished their contribution off in blistering fashion.

Adam Bomb

Adam Bomb show
Adam Bomb on the stage.

Started his set off with a rendition of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar piece Eruption, followed up by Van Halens version of The Kink’s You Really Got Me. This was followed by an unusual choice: New York, New York, which, when he started singing ‘Start Spreading the News’ surprised the audience, but as it gathered momentum, the audience began to warm to it.
He provided what it said about him on his bio and assaulted us with a glam spectacular, with flashing guitars and amps, feather boa covered mike stands, visuals of a kind that you would expect from someone of his experience in the music business, who had played with some of the greats in the past.

His second set started off with him stating: ‘I Want My Heavy Metal’ – and that is what he gave us. No covers in his second set, just original material, providing us with rock that had the audience jumping, and Adam and his band did not disappoint us, delivering a musical and visual display worth seeing.
He provided us with a show that was a first for Consett, an established rock musician playing at a level that we rarely see.

DJ Angel, an established face in the London Glam Metal scene, provided us with a set to finish the night off in true rock style. It was his first ever slot in Consett, and, as a Blackhill born lad, he was more that a bit enthusiastic about playing Consett’s first ever dedicated rock venue. His set gave us a blistering mix of new and old, finishing the night off with the audience jumping till closing time.

This night gave us an insight into the great things that are to come at the Club That Rocks, with many more top and local bands to come in the future. I look forward to reviewing many of these future artists.


Submitted by Duncan “Dunx” Barnett

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