GT6 – PS3

It’s hard to believe that the much loved Playstation franchise Gran Turismo is now 15 years old. Over 70 million copies of the various installments have been sold gamers corner GT6throughout the world, cementing the notion that Gran Turismo is the “Ultimate Driving Simulator”. GT5 was released 5 years ago after huge delays but still impressed gamers with its amazing graphics and realistic physics models. Polyphony Digital has just announced that the sixth installment of Gran Turismo is due for release at the end of 2013 on Playstation 3. It’s seems like Polyphony Digital have learned from their previous mistakes and made sure this game comes out on time. Along with the shock announcement of the game, numerous new features have also been announced to make sure that the new Gran Turismo is one step ahead of its Xbox rival Forza Motorsport. One of the more interesting developments is that Gran Turismo has teamed up with Yokohama Tyres and KW Automotive to help develop the physics engine behind the suspension and tyres of the in game cars. This technical knowledge will be invaluable for making sure this edition of Gran Turismo the best and most realistic yet.

Pokemon X & Y – Nintendo 3DS

gamers corner pokemonThe next step in the super successful Pokémon series is due for release in October on the Nintendo 3DS. Now running into the 6th game in the series, Pokémon has never lost its appeal to new young gamers and also the long term fans of the series who started playing back on the Gameboy colour. This will be the first title released on the 3DS which will be using full 3D graphics exploiting the innovative graphics of Nintendo’s handheld champion. Players will be given the choice of three new starter Pokémon in the guise of grass type Chespin, fire type Fennekin and water type Froakie. The game will follow a similar mechanic to the previous games which have sold millions of copies since first released in the EU back in 1998. This classic formula has brought hours of fun to millions of gamers around the world with X & Y looking to do the same for a new generation of Pokémon masters.

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