People of Consett, the Summer months have officially begun; if our calendars are anything to go by. If you were able to see anything through the mist, rain, sleet and snow (!) of Consett Magazine Front Cover JPEG

May, then you might also be aware of that fact.

Much like the changing of seasons, Consett Magazine has undergone a few more design transitions since it’s last issue. As head editor, one of my main goals is to keep the magazine looking fresh; a sentiment that echoes throughout the whole team down here at the offices.

In addition to the physical portion of Consett Magazine, I would like to make more people aware that we have a bucketload of exclusive web content available to read at all times at (and while you’re there, why not pop over to our Facebook page too?).  The story submissions and subjects we wish to cover are beginning to overwhelm our magazine and we simply can’t squeeze everything into every issue!

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