Summer has officially arrived and the weather has been perfect for getting out and cooking al fresco style. Warm weather only means one thing to millions of people across the barbecue burgersUK, barbecue time. It’s funny that for a nation which has such torrid weather for a large percentage of the year we would be so passionate about cooking outdoors. With a limited amount of days to get cooking in the sun it’s important that you make the most of your barbecue. Here we have some tips to make sure you get you can handle the heat.

  • If you are having a party with a barbecue, be sure to light the coals before the guests arrive. Lighting a barbecue can take some time so it is best to be fully prepared for your guests. Throw some small bites on the grill to tempt people when they arrive.
  • Be organised. Make sure you have all of your kitchen utensils at hand and you have sufficient workspace to get your groove on by the grill.
  • Before cooking meat which has been refrigerated leave it out for 20 minutes before throwing it on the grill. This will bring the meat to room temperature allowing it to be cooked through properly.
  • Try not to leave the grill unattended for long periods of time. This way you can make sure your food is properly cooked with that beautiful char without burning the meat.
  • Leave your meat to rest after taking it off the grill. This will allow the juices to be reabsorbed making for a tastier finished product.

If you remember these points it will reduce the stress of being head grill chef while cooking up your fantastic barbecue feast.

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