It’s amazing to think that after so many years of studying the human body, new and exciting advances in biological science are constantly being made telling us more about howEye discovery our bodies’ work and function. Although we don’t need to know this to live our lives, it is good to know how our bodies work. It is especially interesting when you find out that a completely new part of the body has recently been discovered!

The eye is one of the miracles of nature. By using a complex system of muscles, tendons and lenses it is possible for us to focus light in a manner which allows us to see the world in perfect detail. Although already intricate a new layer of the eye has recently been discovered by scientists at Nottingham University who have been researching this important organ. The eye has numerous layers which all offer protection as well as performing the role of reflecting light into the rod and cone cells of the eye. This new section known as Dua’s Layer currently sits behind the cornea and allows for light to be effectively focused allowing us to see.

The big news behind the medical breakthrough is the implications it will have on ability to safely operate on the eye to alleviate specific illnesses known as Corneal Hydrops. This is where water is allowed to enter the cornea causing some serious vision problems. This research has speculated that this condition is actually caused by a tear in the Dua’s Layer allowing the water though. This information can be put to good use when treating a number of eye conditions hopefully resulting in more people retaining their sight after treatment.

Science is such a quick moving subject that you can’t really predict what will be around the corner but medical science breakthroughs have large real world implication to people all across the globe. Let’s hope that this new discovery can help people with Corneal Hydrops and other eye conditions get back to full health.

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Chris Brown
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