At the time of writing this, the Consett Magazine team are busy melting into a pile of media-flavoured goo in the fantastic  Summer weather we’re having. Hopefully at the consett magazine Anniversarytime you’re reading this, the big bright orb in the sky is still baking the town of Consett to a crisp brown. Enjoy it while it lasts!

If you had a look at the front cover of this month’s magazine then you’ll have noticed this is actually our one-year anniversary edition. Yes, it really has been that long! That’s a whole year of the Consett Magazine team here at Firefly New Media bringing you the best independent publication in the area every single month; which brings us on to one of the main points I wanted to get across during my editorial.

Despite how we’re commonly perceived, Consett Magazine is one hundred percent independent. We do this all off our own backs with no council, government or even private funding to speak of. I thought the anniversary edition was the best time to bring this point to light. A large number of readers and other people often ask if we’re affiliated with the local council and authorities, so I’d like to take this chance to say that we are completely alone in our endeavours.

With that in mind, it becomes even more important to thank those who provide us with support through advertising, content and distribution. We couldn’t do any of this without your help!

Now, on to the contents of our anniversary edition (also affectionately referred to as “issue 13”). We have a nice varied bunch of stories for you to pore over including, but not limited to: award winning, illness support, summer recipes, steel-working, local trading, theatre, sports charity and more.

As always, I hope you enjoy your read through Consett Magazine!

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