A recent study has found the getting down and dirty in your garden is great for your health and personal happiness.  A survey of 1500 adults living in the UK by Gardener’s Gardening good for your healthWorld magazine has found that on average gardeners are happier and more satisfied with their lives. It appears getting out into green space may well be a positive thing for our health but why?

80% of gardeners surveyed said that they currently felt satisfied with their lives in comparison to non-gardeners who only reported a figure of 67%. There could be a number of different factors which may to help explain these interesting findings. One way which this result could be interpreted is that gardening is a physical activity performed outdoors.

By getting out and being active, it is possible to release chemical endorphins in the brain which make us feel good. Being outside has an effect when it comes to levels of physical activity as further research has found that working outdoors is often less tiring that working indoors even when performing exactly the same tasks.

Another reason why gardening may help to bring greater satisfaction and happiness to people across the UK is the beautiful result when we get out in the garden. Being out in the warm sun surrounded by magnificent flowers which you have nurtured and cared for over the season is truly worthwhile and very satisfying.

The most popular hobby in the UK at the current moment of time is computing followed by joint second place hobbies hiking and gardening. It’s good to see that active outdoor hobbies are still popular despite the current rise of entertainment technology. If you are looking for something constructive and satisfying to do, why not get out in the garden and see for yourself.

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