Internet access is now seen as one of the most important amenities to many people in developed countries around the globe. In 2012, 21 million households in the UK had an Internet Price Dropsinternet connection which equates to 80% of the whole country. With so many people using and paying for internet services it is fantastic news to hear that broadband prices will be dropping due to an Ofcom enquiry on the wholesale rates BT charge for using their copper lines. Ofcom have always been critical of BT due to their previous monopoly of the telecommunication in the UK.

One of the major issues which are being covered by Ofcom is wholesale line rental to other telephone providers. As independent telephone companies rent lines from BT Openreach all companies need to go through BT to provide voice call services. This has caused a situation where BT have the power to charge what they wish for this service meaning line rental costs are tied by providers. If Ofcom decide that BT is charging too much for this service, prices could well drop for the home owner.

The net result of this work from telecommunication regulators Ofcom means that internet and telephone services in the UK may be significantly reduced in price. This is great news for families around the country who are looking to save as much money as they can in this tough economic climate.  Everyone is always looking for the best deal when it comes to household services and this review can only be positive for the consumers across the country.

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