The Consett YMCA Act On Theatre Group have been working hard for the past year to make sure that their production of the legendary Les Miserables was a complete success. Hours of Les Miserables Reviewrehearsal and practice have lead up to a 6 show run at Consett’s own Empire Theatre last week. I attended the matinee showing with an open mind expecting to see some good local talent doing what they love best.

Once the show started I realised that this wasn’t the case. The Consett YMCA Act On Theatre Group had done so much more to make this production of Les Miserables one that Consett would never forget. The play was truly amazing as the numerous young people who took to the stage gave it their all to bring this classic play to life. So much work has gone into making this dream a reality and you can see that every person on the stage is enjoying the experience to the full.

Male lead Chris Ledger put in an amazing performance as Jean Valjean hitting every note in the processes and Ben Dixon played the part of Monsieur Thénardier with such infectious passion it was hard to see past the costume and imagine an actor playing the part.

Jenn and the rest of the Consett YMCA Act On group have truly outdone themselves with this performance and I for one must congratulate them for their amazing effort on and off the stage. Whilst this year’s performance of Les Miserables was a huge success, the group have already set their sights on the future with plans to perform Phantom of the Opera next year at the Empire. If that goes as well as Les Miserables has then we can be sure that we are going to be in for an amazing show.

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Chris Brown
Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


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