Scientists from Holland have made history by growing the first ever test tube burger. The product which was grown in a lab using stem cells of a cow has been seen as a test tube burgersignificant first step to solving the global food crisis as there are not enough sources of meat and protein to go around. Although many people have questioned the ethics and health concerns of this newest culinary innovation, first taste reports suggest the test tube burger to have a taste “close to meat”. The patty had the look and shape of a regular burger but the truth is that it was as far different from its traditionally sourced counterpart.

The test tube burger cost an astounding £216,000 to develop with Google co-founder Sergey Brin being one of the financial backers behind the project. The burger was tested by a number of volunteers to see how it would go down with the public. Whilst most put o a brave face and commented on how it was a similar taste to a beef burger, some mentioned the lack of fat which is found in traditionally reared beef to be of a slight concern but the “animal protein cake” generally went down well.

The scientists behind the project have said that it may be 20 years or more before we can go to the supermarket and purchase test tube burgers and other lab grown food products. Even though we may have to wait before this new food technology is released, it will give it more time of the product to be perfected and the manufacturing process to be simplified and reduced in cost.

What do you thing about lab grown food? Would you eat a burger that was made from stem cells or does something put you off?

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