Google Glass Advertising – To Track Your Eyeballs on Ads

Advertising online has been dominated by Google since it launched its adwords service (pay per click) with targeted traffic from its flagship search service. The internet is awash with banner ads which follow you from webpage to webpage, if you have ever noticed the same ads turning up again and again, well this is Google Adwords.

The marketing technique is quite effective as you could imagine. 97-98% of Google’s annual revenue, over $40 billion in 2012 comes from advertising. That means, you guessed it, someone is clicking on ads. The online per per click market worldwide is estimated to be worth $113bn in 2013.

It seems Google is literally eyeing up new revenue possibilities by tracking your eye movements while wearing its new smart glass technology, Google Glass.

A patent is reported to be able to track a persons gaze. The “Pay Per Gaze” Advertising model would be able to record the number of people who have looked at an online or offline advertisement, and charge the advertiser accordingly.

Initially, when looking or “gazing” at a scene, the tracked data would be run by a server to identify objects within the received digital scene and work out if any of the identified objects are advertisements. Data generated by this technology would truly show how many people have seen or been attracted to an advertisement.

This tech would give advertisers the opportunity to improve and capture our attention in future ad campaigns. It’s quite crazy to see this type of tech just around the corner, but Google Glass is due to hit consumers hands later in 2013.

There is still no hard facts on when Google Glass Advertising will happen, but I predict it will come hand in hand with Google’s launch of the new product this year.


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  1. “…it’s flagship search service”

    Really ?

    I dont expect A-level students to understand the most basic use of an apotrophe, but a journalist ?

  2. Oh, and these three while I’m at it,

    “a persons gaze”
    “There is still no hard facts”
    “so if your still unfamiliar”

  3. Hi Chris W,
    Thanks for your input on the use of an “apotrophe”.
    I hope you enjoyed the piece as much as I did writing it.


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