Lainya Craig, Hannah Milsson, Jasmine Bennett, Lisa Allan, and Matthew Fox are all 16-17 year olds taking part in the National Citizen Service Programme. The programme is a once in a lifetime opportunity open to all 16 and 17 year olds in England who want to build their life and working skills, while meeting exciting challenges and new friends.

British Lung FoundationThey have been asked to organise a social action project with the aim of abolishing any stereotypical views of teenagers in the community. They will be showcasing some of the best local musicians in an exciting event at Steph’s Club That Rocks on Newmarket Street on the 1st of September from 3pm to 9pm. The event has 4 bands confirmed including The Notice, B4, sRs and Shed57.

The event is for two great causes MIND and the British Lung Foundation, all ages are welcome so get yourself along and see how these teenagers are changing attitudes and making a difference in our community.

The event has a £4 entry fee on the day or £2 for people wanting to buy tickets in advance. You can visit the Facebook Event Page to find out any further information including instructions to buy tickets.

Get yourself along for a day of fun while helping these inspiring teenagers pull off a successful music event while doing their National Citizen Service Programme.

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