September rolled around much quicker than we ever thought it would. It is the month of happy returns to school, work, college and university for many people and it also Consett Magazine September Editorialsignifies the transition from Summer to Autumn. Whether or not our outstanding Summer weather will continue for a little longer into the month remains to be seen, but here’s hoping!

I have a few special thanks to give out in this edition. The first goes to all the helpful folk who contributed stories and other great content to us. The count of external stories each month is growing steadily and each one is greatly appreciated. If you look to the column on your right you should see exactly who i’m talking about!
The remaining thanks are for the numerous readers who wished us a happy anniversary last month. We received a lot of positive feedback for our one-year-strong magazine and it gives us the motivation and inspiration we need to continue putting it out for the people of Consett to read.

This month it’s back to basics with a massive selection of stories in all categories to get your teeth into. Flick back one page to see exactly what’s happening in the September issue of Consett Magazine.

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