This is the editorial from our October edition of Consett Magazine. Have a look at what Ivan has to say. 

Good news everyone! Consett Magazine is back again for another month of unparalleled October Editorial Imagefeatures about everyone’s favourite town.

It’s the scariest time of the year again (am I really writing about October and Halloween already?) and we reflect that quite readily in this issue. You will get your fix of all things pumpkin, witch and spider web before you reach page 32.

Once again, the benchmark for contribution has been set higher with even more guest authors showing their skills and getting their keenly crafted paragraphs printed with us. I would like to extend my thanks to all those involved in helping to create this edition.

We are positively bursting with content again this month, with our lifestyle section overflowing in particular. As mentioned earlier, there is plenty of seasonal stuff to ingest; on top of which there is a good selection of news, history and business, with a sprinkling of science, entertainment and sport to fill the rest of your stomach.

We aim to keep you, the readers, busy reading throughout the month and hopefully that goal has been met! Please enjoy the October edition of the Consett Magazine. 

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