Nintendo’s release of the Wii U console hasn’t been the most successful over here in the UK with sales figures looking glum for theWii U Wind Waker HD Japanese gaming giants. Between April and June only 160,000 units were sold within the UK. This didn’t look good for Nintendo as the main rivals Playstation 4 and Xbox One are both due for release at the end of this month. Although sales have been slow for the Wii U, it seems that things may be on the up.

Nintendo have experienced a 685% increase in Wii U sales recently coinciding with the re-release of the classic Gamecube title The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Now in full HD, this remake looks to have set things straight for Nintendo. The original release of Wind Waker only sold a comparatively small number of copies in comparison to The Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 64 but has been rated as one of the best games to ever grace a Nintendo console. Zelda fans will be happy to see one part of this great series remade for the modern day.

Whilst the original Wind Waker impressed back in 2003 this new re-imagining of one of the most artistic and visually striking Zelda games makes great use of HD colours and textures to bring the uniquely cell shaded animation to life. Where this game has gained in style, it hasn’t lost anything in substance. The game is still as fulfilling to play through just as it was 10 years ago. With the Wii U’s innovative control pad, the game has had somewhat of a rework yet is still accessible to newcomers and fans a like.

It seems like a lot of people now have a legitimate reason to buy a Wii U but will you be going out of your way with the other big guns waiting in the wings with the PS4 and Xbox One? Why not let us know by commenting on this story online.

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