Fawcett Park Consett

Set to open in the new year, Fawcett Park is going to be an urban recreation area on Genesis Way Fawcett Park Consettfor the people of Consett to enjoy. As time is getting closer to the opening, things are getting into shape including the erection of a new piece of artwork harking back to the heritage of the Consett area and our industrial past. Even though they closed many years ago, the Consett Steelworks are still one of the biggest cultural features of the area.

To remember this, the area around Fawcett Park and the new Tesco Superstore have been decorated with amazing artwork which helps remember the work of the Steelmen of Consett. The new sculpture installation in the new park is a giant piece which is using actual materials which were recovered from the Steelworks after it’s demolition. A large hook which was used extensively at the works throughout it’s operational life forms the centrepiece of this new art piece.

Getting the hook into position wasn’t an easy task due to the weight of the piece. As you expect for something which was designed to withstand the rigours of life in the works, it is extremely heavy. Coming in at 1.6 tons this sculpture is designed to look like molten steel being poured out of the ladle.

Fawcett Park is due to open in the spring of 2014.

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