Whether you like it or not, December is already upon us. Those who still haven’t done their festive shopping (you know who you are!) Editorial December Imageshould probably be thinking about beating the inevitable rush as the time draws near. In this month’s Consett Magazine we’ve gone all out to get as much support as possible. Everyone at the team would like to extend their thanks to those who have come on board with us this month, both old and new. On top of that, we’ve reached a new milestone in the amount of guest authors and contributors providing articles, photographs and useful information about the local area and more.
We’ve also gone for a more bite-size approach to how our articles are published, to go along with a few aesthetic changes that I’m sure you’ve noticed on the first few pages. Many of our pieces will point you in the direction of our website consettmagazine.com. There is a myriad of web exclusive content to view there, so if you’re interested please don’t hesitate to browse over and take a look!
As always, we hope you enjoy your read of the December Consett Magazine.

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