Polio Immunisation in India

The Rotary Club of Derwentside have walked over burning hot coals, held meetings under water and abseiled from high buildings inPolio Immunisation in India order to serve their community. They have given financial support to hundreds of local charities and community groups and their members have travelled as far as West Africa, Sri-Lanka, India and even Kathmandu in the service of their club. They should be quite proud of their record as they approach their tenth birthday.

To commemorate their tenth anniversary in 2014, the Rotary Club of Derwentside has teamed up with Groundwork North East and Durham County Council to plant a one-acre wood for Polio. The project, which is part of the Big Tree Plant, will be taking place in March 2014.

Rotary began eradicating Polio from the world in 1985. Today with our partners around the world we are nearly there.

The club are asking members of the community to sponsor a tree for Polio. For £5 only a tree will be planted in the sponsor’s name, or someone’s of their choosing.

Sponsors will receive a certificate, which will include the name of the person the tree was planted for, the grid reference and the type of tree planted for them. If it is for a Christmas gift, a special gift voucher can be provided.

To Sponsor a tree, you can send your payment to the address below.

With your £5, we will need your name, the name of the person in whose name the tree is being planted, if different and the address where to send the certificate. Please print the details clearly. The certificates will be sent out after the planting in March. If it is for a Christmas present, we can send a small gift certificate.

To order by post, please send your information and payment to:

Polio Wood Project

10 Church View, Consett.

Co. Durham DH8 5EZ

For more details visit www.derwentsiderotary.org.uk

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