Xbox One Scam on eBay

A man in Nottingham has been left £450 worse off after falling victim to a Xbox One scam on eBay. Peter Clatworthy believed he was buying a limited edition ‘Day One’ version of the popular Xbox One games console, to his surprise he instead received a picture of the console in the post. This scam was more common several years ago with new releases of Apple’s flagship product the iPhone, users would advertise the newest version of the device and then go on to send only an image. eBay’s item description section stated that the item was an image of the console but he was Xbox One Scam eBayreassured by the fact the item was in the ‘Video Games’ category of the site which exists to make finding the right product on the site faster and easier. To add insult to injury the seller wrote ‘thanks for your purchase’ on the back of the image.

Microsoft’s newest games console was released in the UK on 22 November alongside Sony’s PlayStation 4. Despite recent changes the Xbox One failed to outsell PlayStation in the first 48 hours, with the Xbox selling 150,00 consoles and PlayStation with the significantly higher 250,000. Initially many Microsoft fans were outraged to hear of some of the proposed features of the new console, such as the lack of backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games and a ‘always connected’ design which would prevent offline users from accessing many features and special offers. Hopes were lifted when the Xbox team released a statement addressing many of the main concerns and claiming that much of the new system would be changed to try and mirror the success of the Xbox 360.

eBay have confirmed that Mr Clatworthy will receive a full refund from the seller come Monday and said:

“We don’t allow listings which mislead, and will take action against this seller.”

The teenager is covered by eBay’a money-back guarantee which is designed to protect against situations exactly like the Xbox One scam.

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