A Real Rock n Roll Legend

Consett’s very own Rock n Roll legend, Freddie Fingers Lee – inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis – has died. His career, playing some of the biggest names in music, was remarkable and he enjoyed it very much. He was an outstanding song-writer and kept the spirit of Rock n Roll alive with his energetic perfomances on stange.

Freddie 'Fingers' Lee2
Freddie ‘Fingers’ Lee2

Freddie Fingers Lee, born Fredderick John Cheesman – from Blackhill, Consett, County Durham – lost an eye aged one and wore an eye patch, but this obviously did not stop him from carrying out his music career. After his terrific walk of life Rockin’ n Rollin’ around in the UK, he then retired in the late 90’s. However he continued to play gigs in his hometown Consett for charity for a few years after.

Throughout his career he played piano with Screaming Lord Sutch, he starred in a documentary – Blue Suade Shoes, alongside Bill Haley and Ray Campi in the 1980’s – which showed video futage of Mr. Lee, smashing up a piano with an axe. As well as all of this, he also appreared in the 1979 TV show, ‘Oh Boy’ – hosted by Jack Good. This show was where his European career kicked off.

Freddie’s family and friend’s described him as having a ‘good life’, a ‘great character’ and a ‘funny lad’. Although been married three times, Mr. Lee was single when he passed. Just after his death was announced, European fans left messages on Facebook paying respects to him.

So as you can see Freddie Fingers Lee, really was a Rock n Roll legend, both on stage and off. He lived his life to the extreme and by the sounds of things he enjoyed every second of it.

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