Do you have anything to say about tree’s surrounding your area?

Durham County Coucil have been running  a consulation from the 19th December 2013 – that will carry on until the 13th March 2014. This consultation will include how Durham County Coucil are going to manage trees in Durham and surrounding areas. People have been asked to attend these and give their feedback, or write to them. The coucil will respond to any complaints or reports – regaurding trees that they are responsible for, in these consultations. They will also discuss what criteria will be carried out for prioritising work and circumstances, as well as – how they are going to enforce private land owners to control the trees on their land.

Durham Trees
Durham Trees

Durham County Coucil’s technical support manager, Andrew Jackson, said: “It is important that we have an up to date tree management policy which clearly sets out how we will manage trees in the county”. He then contiued with, ” The policy will, among other things, make clear how we will manage trees under our control, how we will respond to concerns about trees, which pose a safety risk and the action we can take in ralation to trees on private land”.

People’s views on this policy will be taken in to consideration before the policy is finalised. It will also encourage other people – who are responsible for trees – to take a positive approach to the management of the trees that are resposible to them. If you do have any queeries or complaints about the management of the trees on public land, then it would be ideal to get in contact with the coucil before the 13th of March, for it to be taken into account.

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