The Last Goodbye to a Legendary Musician

The funeral of the Rock n Roll musician, Freddie Fingers Lee – who died Monday 13 January – will be held at St Mary’s RC Church, Blackhill, Consett, on Wednesday 22 January at 1:15pm. After the Church, friends and family will be then lead to Mountsett Crematorium, Dipton – followed by The Cricketers pub in Blackhill. All fans from across Europe will be paying their respects to the legendary performer, and have posted tributes on Facebook in memory of Mr. Lee.

Freddie's Inspiration, Jerry Lee Lewis
Freddie’s Inspiration, Jerry Lee Lewis

For a last remembrance, the church, crem and pub will play songs from the legend himself, Lee. ‘Chains’ will be played entering the church as it is a beautiful song, coming out, ‘One-Eyed Boogie Boy’. ‘Till I Waltz Again With You’ will be played entering the crem, family members of Mr. Lee, doesn’t want anything too sad, just nice calm music. His sister stated that “Freddie had a lot of friends, even though he lived away for a lot of years. He had a very colourful life”. Although Lee was married three times, he was single when he passed, leaving behind three grown up children.

His stage acts were vibrant, having lost an eye at such a young age of just one-year-old, he then wore an eye patch throughout his life. One act features Freddie setting fire to a piano and smashing it with an axe. The performer was inspired by Jerry Lee Lewis, Mr. Lewis was one of the main British rock star in the late 50’s and 60’s, he played alongside stars such as Gene Vincent and Chuck Berry.

Freddie – born Frederick John Cheesman – also liked to call himself The One-Eyed Boogie Boy, toured throughout Europe to entertain his wide range of fans, right up to his retirement. Fans from Germany, France and Holland are all expected to attend the musicians testimonial. The sister of Mr. Lee hopes the church and the pub will be ‘jumping’ in his memory.

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