Consett Neighbourhood Police Donate Materials to the EDDY People Project

As thanks for the information provided by the community in recent months the Consett Neighbourhood Police have taken it upon themselves to give something back to the community. Some materials seized from premises where illegal activity was taking place have been donated to the EDDY project to enable them to continue the work they do with children and young adults in the local area.

Consett Neighbourhood Police TeamThe EDDY People project is an educational and positive activity based project primarily lead and organised by the Durham Agency Against Crime (DAAC) and the Durham Constabulary – it is part funded and largely supported by both public and private sector partners from the local area and nationally. It is a replacement for the highly successful and positively rated Durham Youth Enterprise Scheme, the group work closely with Consett police and Durham County Council to promote positive behaviour.

As a way of giving something back to the community we have donated materials that can be reused to the EDDY People project”

Consett young people specifically have a community garden in Consett Park, a lot of children and young people attend or have attended Consett Academy. Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) Mark Podgers and Police Constable (PC) Nev Waller from the Consett Neighbourhood Police team went to the allotment to hand over the donated materials to students late last week.

The materials included plastic pots and unused compost from a facility which was growing drugs in the local area, the EDDY People project intend to use these materials to grow flowers and then donate them to local care homes. This cooperation between the police and young people, through projects like the EDDY People project, allows something largely negative like crime to benefit local people and the local area.

For more information about the Eddy People project visit their page on the DAAC website.

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