Mental Health Awareness

 Over the years, talking about mental health issues has become more open with more people in the public eye speaking up about Mental Health Awarenesstheir personal experience. Even though this may be the case, there is still a social stigma attached to mental health problems that many people suffer in silence.

On the 6th of February mental health awareness group Time to Change is looking to get over 1 million conversations started discussing the topic of mental health through a number of events across the country. Consett will be having it’s own event held in the Demi to discuss these problems and help to see a brighter future for sufferers of mental health issues.

Organised by Vicky Mason, the event is a free coffee and cake afternoon where all money raised will be donated to the Time for Change charity. It’s not just an event for a chat. There will also be material to help push the cause of mental health awareness forward better educating the public on the issues at hand. The stigma which is attached to these disorders isn’t positive. We need to take an active approach to changing the way people perceive mental illness and this event is just the start.

Starting at 1:00pm on the 6th of February, this coffee and cake afternoon is set to be a great hit whilst passing it’s important message across to the public. Don’t hesitate to get yourself along to the Demi for an informative and enjoyable afternoon in aid of a good cause.

You can find more information surrounding the event through the page on Facebook.

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