Tiger Bills is a unique dining experience available right here in Consett. When choosing somewhere to eat out there can always be tiger billsproblems deciding what to eat. Tiger Bills’ hybrid menu consisting of American grill choices and Thai classics gives guests two distinct and interesting flavours to choose from. Whatever your tastes, there will be something for you at Tiger Bills.

The best way to describe the dining experience at Tiger Bills is to look at the two separate halves of the menu individually. One side of the menu showcases the American style of cooking with great food fresh from the grill. The choice of starters and main courses means there is always something to tickle the pallet. One option worth checking out is the barbecue ribs. Covered in a smoky and aromatic sauce, this meaty treat is well worth checking out for any local carnivores.

The other side of the menu consists of Thai food in stark contrast to the grill menu. Whilst this is probably new to a number of people, Thai food is sweet, exotic and most of all delicious. There is a great variety of dishes which were all new to me when I sat down at the restaurant. The bite sized starters of satay chicken, golden bags and tiger prawns in filo pastry provided an idea of what was to come. The main courses of chicken pad thai, duck curry and prawn stir-fry all had their own unique flavours which showed off the different aspects of Thai cuisine. The chicken had a sweet taste, the duck a rich and hearty flavour and the prawns were full of flavour.

With a great atmosphere and vibrant décor, Tiger Bills is the perfect spot to go for a bite to eat in Consett.

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Chris Brown
Christopher Brown is Consett Magazine's lead journalist. Chris enjoys meeting with a whole host of different people to report on what's happening in Consett, Co.Durham.


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