Playstation 4
Playstation 4

The new release of the Playstation 4 has become a success for the Tokyo incorporated company, Sony. The company has sold 5.3 million Playstation 4’s since the beginning of this month, it’s ahead of target by a full-year despite not yet being released in Japan for another week.

Sony had said that they had hoped to sell 5 million consols by the end of March after releasing the Playstation 4 in November only to the United States, Latin America, western Europe and then liberating the console across Asian countries since then.

Japan will recieve the Playstation 4 gaming console on the 22nd February and is standing to be the last counrty in line to recieve the console in the world. Microsoft Corp sold more than 3 million Xbox One consoles by the end of December and by the 23rd January 3.9 million consoles has been shipped worldwide, after the Xbox console was also released late November.

Although Nintendo sold 5.86 million Wii U game consoles in over a year of itss release date, meaning Sony’s system is moving four times as fast as other leading consoles. Sony should have further sales boost when the PS4 console reaches Japan later this month, but the beginning of March is looking good for the Xbox One console as the new release of Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall – this is potentially the most acticipated next-gen title to this day so far.

Sony, the producers of all Playstation game consoles said that they had sold their 70 millionth Playstation 3 console late 2012 after is release six years earlier in 2006. This was a major milestone for the game console as it had failed in its early stages of release to match the popularity of the newly released Wii gaming system.

The Playstation 3 was released around the same time as the Wii but was not compatable with it, this was because the Wii game console was a far cheaper alternative and introduced the motion use controllers. Sony’s console now holds a central processor developed with Toshiba and IBM this a powerful chip which took millions of dollars to develop.

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