Plans to begin the steelworks site housing plan on a former steelworks site in Consett has a positive future, after the proposition received a resounding positive reaction from councillors. The major development would bring yet more people to the town to both live and work, only strengthening the recent growth with new superstores and businesses popping up all over Consett.

Project Genesis would see over 400 homes built in and around Berry Edge in Consett. An estimated 300 full time jobs would be created by the scheme over the 7-8 years the project would take to complete if it began in the near future. So far 68 houses have been given the go-ahead by receiving full planning permission, and plans  for the Steelworks site housing planremaining homes are awaiting confirmation – the 68 homes will be a mixture of terraced, semi-detached, and detached homes.

Some residents that live near to the proposed development site did submit letters of protest to try and dissuade councillors from backing the project; several letters were received and highlighted the issues with loss of open space, increased traffic, potential flooding, and the visual and noise impact of living close to a building site for such a prolonged time. A lot of new developments such as this receive high numbers of complaints and protests before building begins, it is unlikely that these concerns will cause the council to go against the steelworks site housing plan.

Concerns were also raised about the educational facilities and how they would cope with a rapid increase in potential students and pupils. A report produced by Ann Rawlinson advised councillors to endorse the scheme also said that schooling facilities would be able to cope with this development but any in the future would also require additions to existing buildings. Developers may be required to provide assistance with upgrading school buildings in the area if they get the go ahead to begin the steelworks site housing plan.


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