On the 3rd of August at 1pm the Consett Fun Dog Show will be taking place at Consett Academy to help raise money for The Oldies Oldies CLubClub, a charity centred on helping older dogs find new homes. Older dogs often have a harder time finding a new home than puppies and many can’t find new homes at all. The Oldies Club can be found out and about at a number of events ranging from country fairs to dog shows, collecting money for the charity and raising awareness of all the older dogs without a home.

The event on the 3rd of August will be run and organised by the six local volunteers who support the charity looking to raise money for this great cause. Whilst entry to the dog show will be free, businesses are invited to set up shop at the event for a fixed fee of £5. This way business people from around the region can help support the cause whilst selling their wares at the event.  There is also an entrance fee for any dogs who will be competing and all money taken will go straight to The Oldies Club.

Be sure not to miss The Oldies Club fun family dog show this year to help older dogs find a loving home of their own. This is a great opportunity for anyone to get involved with the charity and support them.


If you’re interested in sponsoring The Oldies Club, please get in contact on 07812 769143.

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