The first Skype update for Xbox One is here

The first update for Xbox One has bee released, adding new features to it and squashing down on bugs. The Next Web reports to sat the new version is rolling out little-by-little.

Xbox One
Xbox One

The most improved feature is the chat component. Skype has done this for people using it on tables, phones or computers as well as Xbox One, This should improve the app and keep the conversations in sync. Microsoft – the owners of Skype – said they have reduced the number of missed messages, to make the chat better.

However it is not only synchronized, it also includes alerts to ensure the user never misses a message, as well as push notifications. The Xbox One also provides a longer chat history, for up to 1,000 messages which is more that just the past 7 days.

Now for something more …  the contact filtering now lets users see who is online, meaning that users won’t have to scroll all the way through their contacts to see who is online.

Other features include first time tutorials for how to video call and chat. As well as this, there is a emotions icon based on characters from Marvel’s Captain America.


According to TNW, Skype have said that they have addressed the most pressing problems since the consoles launch in November 2013. They have also said that there have been trying to improve some of the issues the user have been experiencing, and will keep trying to improve the problems that some are facing with Xbox One, to make is as best as it can be.

However Skype still doesn’t know how to figure out how to use it as a gamer would expect. But they are waiting for Microsoft to work out the kinks before they start adding big features. Even though Microsoft first announced that Skype would be bundled with the Xbox One in May 2013. There has been glimpses of Skype working on the console but nothing major because the company is still working out how to function it.

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