The North Durham NHS is holding a drop-in session to discuss how health services are commissioned in North Durham.

The drop-in session is expected to last from 1pm-3pm on Tuesday 1st April. It is being held at Citizens House in Consett, which is located opposite the Consett Medical Centre.

Anyone that attends the session will have the opportunity to potentially influence how health services are commissioned in the North Durham NHS area.  This involves highlighting areas of the health service in the North Durham NHS area that are of particular interest or relevance to you and discussing the health service as a whole.North Durham NHS

To have more regular contact regarding health services in the area it is recommended to become  a member of the NHS North Durham Clinical Commissioning Group, by joining you will have the opportunity to give your views about areas of healthcare that interest you more regularly, receive invitations to events, and receive regular updates about the work of the North Durham CCG. 

The drop-in session is taking place because it is a responsibility of all NHS organisations to consult with and involve patients and the public in the planning, development, consideration, and decisions made by the NHS that may affect the services in their area. Consultations such as this take place across the UK, they are designed to make the most of services in specific areas.

This Community Engagement Project is running for two years, until September 2015, and over that period should have encouraged cooperation and communication between the local communities and the NHS organisations they use. Rather than replace it aims to complement groups/networks such as Healthwatch and Patient Reference groups which are already in place to offer support and discussions between organisations.

For more information you can contact the Community Engagement Team at: (01207) 529 621 or visit this page of the Durham Community Action website.

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