Newspapers cause distress to the Medical Centre

As of the 3rd of March 2014, Consett Medical Centre had a visit from CQC  (Care Quality Commission) without being given any notice of it. However at the end of the visit the practice was found to have ‘met the appropriate standards’ compared to the first visit in January ’14 which said ‘action is needed’.

Consett Medical Centre
Consett Medical Centre

The visit from CQC to Consett Medical Centre was in relation to Cleanliness and Infection Control, but CQC’s website is yet to be updated to show the most recent inspection report.

The report in the newspaper last week was incorrect because it made no mention of a second more successful inspection having taken place at the beginning of the year.

The newspaper has had a significant effect on staff at Consett Medical Centre, despite all of the work they do and how much effort they put in to doing the best they can for patients.

Members of the Patients Forum at Consett Medical Centre were also very distressed at the newspaper article being fully aware of the first inspections findings – as far back as January – and any issues were being addresses as soon as possible.

The Patients Forum fully supports the activities of Consett Medical Centre in providing the best possible care for the thousands of patients they serve.

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