Transparent texting should be big for smartphone users.

Another one of Apples bright ideas is going to allow you to text and walk all at the same time. Although there is only a filed patent for the new technology, it aims to become very successful by making walking whilst texting much safer.

IPhone_KeyboardThe transparent texting is being designed to stop smartphone users bumping and stumbling into obstacles when walking around. Apple intends to overlay the messages on a live video feed from the rear camera to the front screen. This will let users see what is going on beyond texting.

If you are wondering how this transparency feature will work, listen up it’s simple; it can be activated by pressing a transparency button within a texting session that switches to the live video feed. The feature would then ensure text bubbles appear – semi-transparent and opaque – over the live feed.

A recent study of texting while walking may result in more injuries per mile that distracted driving. The University of Buffalo in the U.S. found that texting whilst driving is often more severe, physical harm resulting from texting and walking occurs more frequently.

The design can even be applied to other features such as e-Books or webpages. Although Apple has not made it specification when or if the technology will be released on to the software update – but it turns ou the recent iOS update (7.1) has the capability to carry out the feature whenever it’s available to the iPhone.

Apple is already using some transparency features with the newest iOS 7 makeover. However transparent texting windows can even be considered a good fit with the new flat iOS7 design.

Moving onto Android users, these smartphones – being totally different to the iPhones – can already download ‘Walk N Text’ which makes the background of any app transparent with the transparent texting keyboard overlay.

Whereas Apple already has the same types of download from App Store, however ‘Type n Walk’ doesn’t send the text message directly to recipients. The text will have to first copied then pasted to a non-transparent texting app to send it.

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